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Title: Machine Deck

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    Default Machine Deck

    Well, this week's deck i was focus on machine deck

    Name: Up n Down Machine Deck

    Creatures (14)

    Assistant Smith *2
    Smuggler Boss *2
    Dwarven Builder *2
    Grave Elemental *1
    Mustang Alli *2
    Demolition Derby Driver *2
    Speed Demon *1

    heroes (2)
    Garrison Gold

    tricks (14)
    Spring Foward *1
    Protective Barrier *2
    Suqeeky Wheel *2
    Keep the Beat *1
    Power Boost *2
    turbo Charged *2
    Chug n Mug *2

    Resources (10)

    Repair Shop *2
    Sudden Strike *2
    A little Help *2
    Alive Again *1
    Go Ice Fish *1

    Red Gems Chances 80%
    Green Gems Chances 70%

    Double Red Gem Chances 58%

    This deck is focused on avoiding stun, turning down resources and attacking works better against defense decks

    Probadly you will go at a low rate of speed since the deck main creatures are hight so thats why try use long shot to slwo the opponent score if it is neccesary

    Hunt with apprentice blacksmith and next turn place golem under a defensive opponent creature so you can use it as a shield to stun your opponent creatures

    If you have a little help in your hand wait for the chance of flipping demolition derby driver or using squeaky wheel since there is a chance your opponent might try to turn down a little help.

    keep in mind he/she would try stun you in one way or another since is pretty common nowdays to get stun often so either have in play repair shop or grave elemental in play to avoid such stun

    having garrison gold plus aa little help which would bring back demolition derby driver will give you the chance to destroy all the opponent creatures zapped

    Combo of the week

    Dominic the Brawn + Ambrose Worceter+ Shifty the Shuffler
    usually shift gets zapped when its played so by next turn his attack would helpful to be zapped for a different purpose

    If you try this combo against "cant be destroyed cards" you will win your way out to the end

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    Default Re: Machine Deck

    Thanks much, Brost.

    The total number of cards is less than 40. Reading the "Strategies," I think you meant to add Furnace Golem since it could stun and also be a shield under a defensive opponent's creature.
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