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    Default List your Tcg Frustrations.

    Agh. These tournaments are frustrating me. All the good players are trying to get the card champion's case. I'm like 2 out of 7. Shamrock in pixie form just beat me. My dang Ambrose Worcester didn't win, therefore I couldn't get that point and hunt afterwards and win. Wish I was better at tcg, lol.

    Oh yeah, this is where you list scenarios in tcg that frustrate you.
    Thanks to the people who made my 4 years on Free Realms special. Hope yall are doin good. See yall down the road.

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    Default Re: List your Tcg Frustrations.

    Trying to work my way through the wild card challenge. Resource decks really ruin a lot of the fun.

    I found a decient strategy that usually gets me the win in under 20 tries and close at least every other game I play.... but man what a way to ruin your fun to create a scenario where you just loose over and over!

    Tournaments... I have yet to figure out how the winners get sooo many games in. I'm consistantly top 5, have a win/loss ratio comparable to the winners, yet I never manage to get in more than 14-15 games. Winning 12/14 and loosing to someone who went 12/17 dosen't make a whole lot of sense to me.

    You wanted frustrations, there you have it, but I love TCG, was my first 20...

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