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    Default how people are doing in tcg

    are yall doin fine in tcg because i need help getting punk pants and rocker things and chatty backpack and other things if any one would help me add meh on free realms my name is kelly2 sunnyheart and i am on around.......4:00 o r3:30 and plz post if you can or maybe help me
    ---Kelly2 Sunnyheart

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    Default Re: how people are doing in tcg

    Well... If you're a member you can go to the SC shop and buy the FR booster packs... There are the original ones and the Shattered Past ones. The booster packs contain a virtual reward card that you can redeem in TCG and the items you named are virtual rewards from just that... Other than the Rocker items... Those you get from the physical packs that you buy in designated stores XD
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