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    Default How to get clothes or items in tcg

    You can get items by eaither getting a booster pack or shattered past. If
    you get a booster pack, you might need to get more. Not alot of things are for only one of them. If you get shattered past all you have to do is go to collection and click open pack. (it doesnt matter what pack get) You dont always get what you want. You might have to try a couple of times. If you dont feel like buying a pack you could make a trade.
    You set out what you want and what you have to offer for it. If someone
    agrees to it you will get the items you want.

    I hope this helped!

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    Default Re: How to get clothes or items in tcg

    o.o that pretty much covered everything but already knew how to so... o.o im a random lil person *mockingbird101*

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