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    Default How do you trade in Tcg?

    Duh-me I can figure out how to trade my virtual reward cards in TCG. When I go to the trade lobby they're not showing up on my trade list.
    Can someone help me figure it out before all my hair falls out from stress. My brains working over time & not getting anywhere.
    Thank You,Thank You,Thank You! Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: How do you trade in Tcg?

    If you know how to get around in TCG then click the TCG dock and roll over the two hands that have cards in them then click on a player and click trade

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    Default Re: How do you trade in Tcg?

    Yeah My guild members get confused. I get wacky in the head the first time i can figure something out.
    Go to your art thing click Trading card game (tcg) Click that then enter Game Lobby. click the dock on your tab bar thing and see the trading sign. Move your mouse lightly without clicking and it will say what it is. Is this what you mean? Click Collection to open or to look at what items you currently have. By the way: If your not a member you cant trade with other players.
    Guess what? Yup. I'm back.

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    Default Re: How do you trade in Tcg?

    Does it have a lock on it? If so, you got it from a member pack and can't trade it. xP

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