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    Default HELP ME GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi guys sorry to bother but i was wondering if anyone could show there winning decks or some tips on how to win a tourny in tcg.
    I have been trying for 3 months but to no avail i have still not won a tourny!!!!!!!!!!.
    I have a good offensive deck with a flip rate of 3.2 it is made out off machine cards only,yet still i lack a card champion briefcase and medal ''sobs''.
    plz guys i could really use some help here so plz post your decks or tips thx.

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    Default Re: HELP ME GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here's a good tip buy the nature starter. Nature cards are great and buy up the regular booster you might get a giant toad!
    Server One

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    Default Re: HELP ME GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

    My deck used to be a Nature deck, and I won a tournament with that. But I am now trying a Chaos deck, and been doing well with it as well. It all depends on your play style, and luck. Keep trying, watch those decks that you play against that beat you, and adapt your deck that way. Good luck!

    Todd Lioncharmer

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    Default Re: HELP ME GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is already a thread in this section with posted winning decks, and a link to a thread in the official FreeRealms forums with even more winning decks. (Community Thread: Share Your Winning Decks!)

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    Default Re: HELP ME GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

    The high flip is always a good thing, but it won't do you any good if you have to many cards in your deck, you won't get the cards you need at the right time.
    You don't want to get your deck over 50 cards otherwise you start running into issues.
    If you can keep it at 40 cards with a 3.0 flip you are doing good.

    And yes it is possible to do, I have several 40 card decks with 3.0 flips.
    You don't need to have 3 of every card either, I find many times it's better to have just 2 of the cards. With a low card count you reshuffle so the cards come around again unless of course they are the scored cards.

    Also you should look into Dualist on Demand cards, they give you a boost and can really help out!
    ..... Merlin Dracothiel .....

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