hey, can someone tell me a good deck with good flips that i can make with these nature cards? (i prefer animals)

x3 arctic frostfang
x1 briarwood tree soilder
x2 changeling cook
x3 changeling mage
x3 changeling ninja
x3 changeling rock warrior
x3 changeling sentry
x3 changeling thief
x3 fierce bear
x3 fire toad
x2 forest giant sentry
x3 frostfang cub
x3 frostfang wolf
x2 giant eagle
x2 Giant Toad
x3 hidden floren
x1 mushroom giant boss
x3 mushroom giant warlord
x3 posion toad
x3 wolf vine golem
x3 bat
x3 bristlewood arachnid
x3 bristlewood buck
x2 glimmer
x3 mutated tree soilder
x1 nettlesed nibbler
x1 nogg the cruel
x1 netallie
x3 arachnia
x1 crafty man eating plant


x3 bandages
x3 easy money
x3 fresh sprout
x3 harvesting the crop
x3 move out!
x1 scatter shot
x1 stampede
x3 sudden strength
x3 whirlwind attack
x1 briarmelon
x3 floren toss
x3 game of hide and seek
x3 greed
x1 treeleaf's retreat


x3 blade dance
x3 poison aura
x3 rooted
x3 vine swing
x3 storm of hail
x2 thorns
x3 bat attack
x3 bear huig
x2 briarwood standoff
x2 camouflage
x2 come get some
x3 dive bomb
x3 echoing roar
x3 feral reinforcements
x3 razor teeth
x2 sloppy wet kiss
x3 vine tangle
x1 extend claws
x3 spin attack
x3 ice nova