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    Default Help build Deck

    Hey Insiders I want to make a sick order deck but i can't.
    ANd really want to win a tornament.
    So here are my cards:

    Cost 1's:
    Chef in trainer x6
    Chugawug Brewmaster x1
    Chugawug Brewsampler x2
    Chugawug Cook x6
    Lazy Guard x3
    Sancuary Courier x2
    Short-Order Cook x1
    Soaring Eagle x3
    Tanglewood Recruit x4
    Tanglewood Trainee x1
    Heavy Meal x1
    Heavy Stomp x3
    Judo Chop x1

    Cost 2's:
    Chugawug Sentry x2
    Chugawug Spearman x1
    Pastry Chef x5
    Snorg x1
    Tanglewood Patroller x2
    Belch x1
    Cut Down To Size x2
    Hat Trick x3
    Kitchen Cleanup x3
    Oh, It's On! x5
    Royal Decree x4
    Two For One x10

    Cost 3's
    Apprentice Mage x1
    Camp Cook x4
    Chugawug Bodyguard x2
    Royal Medic x1
    Sancuary Peacekeeper x1
    Tanglewood Soldier x4
    Blue Blast x1
    Rain Of Arrows x3
    Someone your own size x1

    Cost 4's:
    Briarwood Ninja x1
    Chugawug Tower Captain x3
    Farmer Brambleback x3
    Lieutenant Snibug x2
    Pixie Commander x2
    Star Throwing Ninja x2
    Chuck A Mug x2
    Easy Target x3
    Here's the Cavalry! x1
    One Foot In the Grave x1
    Pie In Face x1
    Pie In Face (Foil) x1
    Sprint x4

    Hero's That Work with Order And Doesn't have certian Spheres:
    Azure x1
    Archnos x3
    Bulls Eye x1
    Captain Chugug x1
    Dominic The Brawn x3
    Finneus Farstrider x1
    Jammie Swiftsong x3
    Kirill Moonrunner x3
    Lazi x1
    Sakka x1
    Sakka (foil) x1
    Sam Potts x3
    Simone x2
    Tara x5
    Unga Frostclaw x2
    Vittorio x1

    Cost 6's:
    Ninja Master x2
    Pixie General (Foil) x1
    Ty x1
    Ty (Foil) x1

    A Little Help x1
    Alive Again x3
    Blue Artifact Shard x1
    Bogged Down x3
    Canonball x4
    Move Along x1
    Pixie Party Hat x3
    Rescue Mission x2
    Rescue Mission (Foil) x1
    Sleeping on Duty x1
    Sneaky Suit x2
    Special Delivery x1
    Stalemate x4
    Stalking the Night x1
    Swea****er Sasparilla x3
    Target Practice x3
    Wake-Up Call x4
    Wellington's Dig x3

    Thanks for your time to read this and I hope you guys make great decks out of my cards.
    Shaows, Amber Fiestymask
    X-box Live: EP1K Shaowz
    Sprite editor

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    Default Re: Help build Deck

    It won't work well without Order Tricks.

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