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    Icon1 Goth cloth tcg>

    Hi free realms fans and free realms insiders,im posting this thread on asking wich booster deck has the goth cloth in them,and if u have one can can you pleas leav a post on telling me wich deck you got it in.Thanks

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    Default Re: Goth cloth tcg>

    I got my top and boots in a shattered past booster pack

    hope this helps
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    Default Re: Goth cloth tcg>

    you can only get it in a pack of shattered past sorry

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    Default Re: Goth cloth tcg>

    yup thats where i got mine
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    Default Re: Goth cloth tcg>

    I got the goggles from my free Shattered Past booster. Wouldn't mind getting the rest, but that's just wishful thinking as I have nothing of value to trade beyond an extra Kitty Gi.

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