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    Default Frustrated Noob.

    I can't understand this game.
    Add me in game if you want all my cards.
    Deal with it, I'm a grammar freak.

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    Default Re: Frustrated Noob.

    oh what is your character and my character name is jay moonhaven see you this afternoon
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    Default Re: Frustrated Noob.

    Umm...... Thats wierd....

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    Default Re: Frustrated Noob.

    dont give up, keep trying and practicing lol. Don't give your cards for free, if you are super sure you want to stop sell them then.

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    Default Re: Frustrated Noob.

    Don't give your cards away, if you want, I will play a few friendly games with you in the TCG lounge and teach you how to play
    In Game Name: Fiona AppleSinger

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    Default Re: Frustrated Noob.

    I seriously doubt this person has any tradeable cards, probably just the starter and some non-tradeable quest stuff.

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    Default Re: Frustrated Noob.

    Oh Elegance! Always the jokester.
    Are'nt you the same guy that posted a thread telling players where to get their Pokemon themed cards?
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