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    Default Which DoD cards do YOU guys like?

    I am going to be ordering some more DoD's soon...I have gotten some in the past, but mainly only the ones that I wanted or liked. Now I am asking you guys, which ones are your favorites to use in decks, and which ones are most useful?

    For the record, I have all jobs maxed, so I can get any of the DoD cards.

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    Default Re: Which DoD cards do YOU guys like?

    I love your driver hero that can move around to block or run away from enemies when creatures are played and switch places with allies in set phase. I would also be interested in the level 20 brawler or the level 15 of anything (don't seem to be too many of those made that I have seen).

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    Default Re: Which DoD cards do YOU guys like?

    well i see a ton of chef DoDs around, and they are very helpful with an ability of my allies get plus two attack and defense. I am also planning to get the archer DoD cause i like his ability to destroy something easily with no coins for something about same defense. And i have some demoltion derby driver DoDs coming where their ability is my foes are played zapped, which i think is pretty nice. Anyways, those are some of my favs, but there are a lot of other good ones.
    Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Which DoD cards do YOU guys like?

    I don't have any myself, but the one that causes me the most trouble is the Chef. I've had certain victory slip through my grasp on several occasions because of the boost this gives to its allies.

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