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Title: Community Thread: Share Your Winning Decks!

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    Default Re: Community Thread: Share Your Winning Decks!

    This is the Deck I took 10th place with in the last Free Realms Insider Tournament (and remember there was over 300 players)!!!!!!

    Here is it, my "Nasty Hunt" Deck:

    42 Cards
    Average Flip: A miserable 2.1!
    18 Creatures
    14 Tricks
    10 Resources

    Bat (1 Point) x 3
    Ol Snaggletooth x 3
    Changeling Mage x 2
    Changeling Rock Warrior x 2
    Changeling Ninja x 3
    Mushroom Giant Warlord x 3
    Giant Toad x 2

    Dive Bomb x 1
    Heavy Meal x 3
    Ice Nova x 3
    Razor Teeth x 3
    Spin Attack x 3
    Bat Attack x 1

    Bandages x 1
    Easy Money x 3
    Green Artifact Shard x 3
    Stampede x 3

    Thats it! Its a very simple strategy!

    Hunt, then hunt, then hunt, then hunt some more!

    In round one and two get those creatures out , hunt as much as possible, and on your opponent's turn save them with your heavy meals!

    Try to get a double hunt with your Changeling Ninja in round three with an Ice Nova (and Dive Bomb if you have it), and continue to save your creatures with Heavy Meals and Razor Teeth.

    Enjoy all the free cards your opponent gives you by attacking you...

    In round four, chase whichever creature has three scored cards in its pile with your Mushroom, or chase an animal with the toad if you don't have a Mushroom.

    Now here is where it gets tricky, remember as early as round three you can play your artifact shard and then Spin Attack your opponent when they attack you. Even better you can Spin Attack + Heavy Meal in round 4.

    Also, if you have the Mushroom in play in round 5, Stampede + Easy Money should score you an easy 6 points!

    Use your Bandages ONLY to save the Toad or Mushroom, and you really want to save a Razor Teeth or Heavy Meal for those two as well!

    As you can tell by this strategy, I typically win in round 5!

    Well, there you go, the first ever tournament winning deck posted in these forums!

    If you are impressed or simply think its really cool that I posted an actual winning deck, please add to my reputation by clicking the green button above my post!

    Dorian Silvervale & Baron Von Boomer

    Her Majesty's Secret Service

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    Default Re: Community Thread: Share Your Winning Decks!

    Hey guys, since so many good players are posting their winning decks, i couldnt resist posting mine also. Here is my tournament winning Animal Toad deck, or i also call it my Big flipping Animal deck.

    3 X Changeling Sentry (I know its not an animal, but this guy is just so great, i cant resist the temptation of using him in all my nature decks.)
    3 X Frostfang Cub (Trust me, this guy is going to get his +3 defense 9/10 times.)
    3 X Bristlewood Arachnid
    3 X Arctic Frostfang
    1 X Ferocious Frostfang
    2 X Bear Companion (Great for drawing cards. Deck is set in such a way that he will draw 2 cards 8/10 times.)
    2 X Ernie (Great for helping the nature guys score with double flips.)
    1 X Geomancer Hailstorm (I use this guy in combination with Bristlewood Arachnid and Come get some to first stun the opponent, and then hunt back.)
    3 X Giant Toad (I have played giant toad on the 4th turn a lot of times, giving me a straight win.)
    3 X Come Get some (Great for scoring in early turns with Artic Frostfang, and also other creatures.)
    1 X Rooted
    1 X Blade Dance (Draws a card when used with a nature creature.)
    1 X Briarwood Standoff (GREAT card to counter those Extend Claws, and Return to senders especially when you are the attacker.)
    2 X From Above (Nature card from the SC Shattered past quests. Use it in combination with Floren Toss to get an extra +1 defense on the 4th turn.)
    1 X Spin Attack (Very helpful with those Chaos readying tricks.)
    3 X Brawler Sword
    3 X Mushroom Ring (Great card against those stun decks.)
    2 X Floren Toss (Use with From Above on turn 4th.)
    1 X Sudden Strength (Use only with heroes.)
    1 X Straight Shot (Nature exclusive who kills any 1 of the opponent's creatures with attack or defense 1 or less. Destroy those chugawug cooks, and changeling sentries. Surprise Surprise!)
    Total Cards: 40
    Average Flip: 3.0

    Play Style:

    On turn 1: Play a changeling sentry for obvious reasons. But if you have a Frostfang Cub, and you're opponent is playing order, or basically any sphere, play the cub in front of a high defense creature so it doesnt attack. Same to follow on turn 2 if you have a frostfang cub.
    On turn 2: Play a changeling sentry and a Frostfang cub (I've got that a lot in this deck) or a Bristlewood Arachnid.
    On turn 3: Play an Artic Frostfang.
    On turn 4: If you have any frostfang cubs in front of any creatures, chase it with a giant toad, and if you have an arctic frostfang, dont hunt with it. First, attack with the toad and if he dies, save him with the frostfang because if your opponent plays order, order has a LOT of defense tricks to use. If you cant chase the toad, play a bear companion and attack, or if there is no creature to attack, play a ferocious Frostfang.
    On turn 5: Ernie if you have it or if you have 1 frostfang cub, and a giant toad, play that instead. Or chase with any other animal, its just a matter of thinking.
    On turn 6: Play a giant toad.

    I've got 3 toads on the field on turn 6 some times. So chasing is very important in this deck.
    You will have high flips throughout the game. Again, winning or losing comes to your thinking.
    I am looking forward for suggestions.

    Enjoy! and good luck!

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    Default Re: Community Thread: Share Your Winning Decks!

    This is a new deck for me, almost all nature, based loosely on other nature decks I have seen doing well lately. After tweaking it a bit, I won a tournament tonight with it, with a very good win ratio (22 out of 24 games; next highest person was 20 out of 26 games).

    I call it Nature Draw because most of the creatures (13 out of 16) draw a card with the right flip, and 5 of those draw a card whenever they win a battle regardless of flip (Changeling Rock Warrior and Bear Companion):
    • 3 Bat
    • 3 Changeling Rock Warrior
    • 2 Changeling Ninja
    • 1 Forest Giant Sentry
    • 2 Bear Companion
    • 1 Mushroom Giant Warlord
    • 2 Ernie
    • 1 Giant Toad
    • 1 Mushroom Giant Boss
    • 2 Bear Hug
    • 1 Shuriken Toss
    • 2 Come Get Some
    • 3 Ice Nova
    • 1 Thorns
    • 2 Camouflage
    • 1 Spin Attack
    • 2 Extend Claws
    • 1 Bandages
    • 1 Easy Money
    • 2 Floren Toss
    • 3 Mushroom Ring
    • 3 Treeleaf's Retreat
    40 cards; average flip 2.6

    Play style:
    • If going first, reshuffle if you do not have at least 1 resource and either a Bat or Changeling Rock Warrior. If going second, reshuffle if you do not have either a Bat or Changeling Rock Warrior, preferably with an Ice Nova
    • Turn 1 - place Treeleaf's Retreat if you have it, otherwise Mushroom Ring or whatever resource you have. Place Bat if going first and hunt. If going second, you may want to wait until turn 2 to place a bat, especially if your opponent has creatures that are more offensive rather than defensive and you have an Ice Nova to use on turn 2. If attacked on your opponent's turn, don't play Bear Hug with Bat, unless the opponent creature is something easily killed by a Bat on your next turn, such as a Mad Fungaloid (defense zero).
    • Turn 2 - place Mushroom Ring if you have not already (especially if your opponent has creatures that stun) or alternatively Treeleaf's Retreat, or whatever other resources you have. Place Changeling Rock Warrior in a place to hunt, unless you have Ice Nova handy and opponent creature is not defensive in nature, in which case you would attack with it. If playing an order opponent, place the Changeling Rock Warrior opposite a cost 1 order creature and do not attack. Whenever your Changeling Rock Warrior is attacked by a non-trickster where you have a fair chance of dying, use Bear Hug defensively which will increase your likelihood of winning the battle and drawing an extra card. Try not to use any resources besides Treeleaf's Retreat, except for Mushroom Ring especially after you have just crushed in battle and zapped at least one Treeleaf's Retreat.
    • Turn 3 - If you have unopposed creatures out hunting, then place a Changeling Ninja to make any attack with good odds of success, before hunting with either of the other creatures. If you do not have any creatures, then place Forest Giant Sentry in whatever column has the most scored cards where it can hunt or make a successful attack. This is the first turn you will want to or generally be able to use Camouflage, hopefully having all three resources face up. Try to save Camouflage for later turns or for defensive, except when it will help you offensively crush and zap two or more treeleaf retreat's for 2 or 3 of your ready creatures. In a pinch on turn 3 or 4 (save this for defensive only, ideally for Changeling Rock Warrior or Bear Companion, if you are being attacked beyond there being any odds of victory, if you have it, play Thorns, then Extend Claws). If a Chugawug Spearman opponent makes you attack on turn 3 or after, you can do this also, or play Spin Attack.
    • Turn 4 - If your open columns have a foe, place Bear Companion to attack (or alternatively Changeling Ninja or Mushroom Giant Warlord). If your open columns have no foe and you have scored cards there, place a Mushroom Giant Warlord or alternatively Forest Giant Sentry and hunt. If you have a Bat sitting across from a defensive creature, chase it with Giant Toad if you have it. If you have two creatures that will be making an attack and one that will be hunting, then (assuming you have Treeleaf's Retreat in play), try to crush in the first battle with creature who is not the Changeling Ninja, then if you can win the battle with the Changeling Ninja, the hunting creature will get extra scored cards on the free hunt and the manual hunt (done after the two attacks). Bear Companion is another good candidate (besides Changeling Rock Warrior) for using Bear Hug as you have a large potential for draws with it both defensively and then offensively on the next turn.
    • Turn 5 - Place Bandages if you have not done so already. Place Ernie only if it will support your creatures on the board for attacking on turn 5. Otherwise, Ernie can make good fodder for Shuriken Toss so you up your flip rate. Turn 5 or after (once you have drawn a fair number of cards) can sometimes be a good time to use Shuriken Toss to support an attack versus a very defensive creature where you can still crush and hunt for extra cards to win the game. If everything is hunting, place a lower level nature creature (or chase a Bat with a Toad). This is the earliest turn you should use Easy Money, and only for placing Forest Giant Sentry in a column where it already has scored three or more cards and can hunt unopposed. Alternatively, this is a good turn for using Camouflage plus Come Get Some to score lots of extra points with Treeleaf's Retreat, hopefully winning the game.
    • Turn 6 - If you have not won by now, often, playing Mushroom Giant Boss and attacking using Extends Claws will seal your victory. This is also a good turn to put out Giant Toad, attack with Camouflage or Ice Nova and then when all the opponent creatures have been stunned, hunt with other allies for extra scored cards using Treeleaf's Retreat. If there are no attacks to do, this is a good turn to place Mushroom Giant Warlord or Forest Giant Sentry in a column with at least three scored cards and use Easy Money to score an extra two cards.
    • Other hints to this deck - this is a deck designed at least partly around the use of Camouflage. That being the case, it is stacked with resources that are largely not meant to be used (at least not in a way that will cause them to be turned face down). That is why there is not resources in here such as Game of Hide and Seek or Digging for Treasure that would increase the card draw but would quickly get turned over, and would otherwise be my standard fare for a nature deck. Now if you have an opponent who is turning over more than 1 or 2 of your resources, you may want to use (on turn 4 or later) Floren Toss prior to playing tricks defensively such as Spin Attack, Camouflage, Thorns, or Bear Hug, but in an average game you won't use Floren Toss. This is also a battle deck, so generally I will prefer to hold Extends Claws to counter very lop-sided encounters or for battles that will win the game, not for typical battles. And of course playing Bear Hug will prevent playing Extends Claws during that battle, so be careful about using that as well. If you don't have Extends Claws, you can certainly substitute in a third Camouflage and two Razor Teeth (or alternatively a third Camouflage, third Bear Hug and a Feral Reinforcements) in place of the 2 Claws and 1 Thorns, and the deck should still work relatively well.

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    Default Re: Community Thread: Share Your Winning Decks!

    Great deck Archer. I tried it out yesterday, and i found that, that deck is getting too many loose draws, loose enough to cost me a loss. I played the deck for about half an hour, and i didnt do quite well with that deck. You might want to add in 2-3 Changeling Sentries.

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    Default Re: Community Thread: Share Your Winning Decks!

    I actually originally used changeling sentries instead of the bats, but I switched them out for the extra draw potential, and for the Giant Toad to have something to chase. However, If I were going to add another low level creature, I would next add something with a blue gem, such as Glimmer, and then maybe after that a cost 1 animal such as a Bristlewood Buck.

    If you are real set on changeling sentrys though, I would replace the toad with another mushroom giant boss and switch the bats out for bristlewood bucks.

    I tend to build my decks with a minimum of cost 1 and cost 2 creatures, and they play well most of the time, but occasionally you will get a bad hand and lose. So if you play one of my decks, you have to be careful about when you reshuffle and when you don't. So if you you don't have a Bat in hand, as long as you have a Changeling Rock Warrior in hand, think twice before reshuffling, because, you might end up not being able to play something until turn 3 or turn 4.

    Of course any deck can be beaten, but one nice thing about this one is it tends to win quick particularly when you get the bonus scored cards. You can score the lion's share of your cards in one turn.
    Last edited by Archer; 09-13-2010 at 09:21 PM.

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    Default Re: Community Thread: Share Your Winning Decks!

    All my decks that have 40 cards have 6 cost 1's. If i have more than 40 cards in my deck, i have about 7-8 cost 1's. That way the deck ALWAYS gets a good draw.
    Last edited by Anuraag; 09-14-2010 at 01:18 AM.

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    Default Re: Community Thread: Share Your Winning Decks!

    You would probably need to tweak most of my deck then with 1 to 3 extra cost 1 creatures. I was trying the deck out a little tonight, and it may be that I'm out of practice, but I didn't do as well with it. I'll probably do some further tweaking.

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    Default Re: Community Thread: Share Your Winning Decks!

    thanks for the help all you, i cant wait to try al the ones i can out

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    Default Re: Community Thread: Share Your Winning Decks!

    That and the use of Hildegard giving it an extra card during any battle. Boosting its chance of getting double blue for the extra points in attack and defense.

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