Catch-22 : A contradictory or self-defeating course of action

The cards I'm talking about are Chugawug Sentry and Storm of Hail. These two cards can backfire on you if you're not careful/lucky enough. I've personally stopped playing Storm of Hail after 3 out of 5 times; the flips doesn't favour me.

Chugawug Sentry forces it's foe to attack it and I had won a few times when an opponent uses this on me. I would say the win~lose ratio favours me more.

Storm of Hail. I got this set of 3 cards from TCG tourney and decided to try play them since they're so shiny (foil) but the end-results were terrible when my opponents would almost always get better flips than me. I immediately discarded it from the deck.

I don't get the point of Inspiration too when I never ever get to use it's power-up traits due to low count flips.

Anyone of you have success stories using these cards?

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