After you've played the Free Realms Trading Card Game with a starter deck, you'll probably want to build your own deck. There are only two rules for building your deck - it must have at least 40 cards, and it can't have more than three copies of the same card.

Now that you know the rules, let's break deck-building down, step by step:

Step One: Choose a sphere. Grab all your cards from the chosen sphere and set the rest aside.

Step Two: Choose creature cards. For a standard 40-card deck, you'll want probably around 20 creatures. In general, you want fewer high-cost creatures than you do low-cost creatures. For instance, your deck might have four to six creatures that cost 1 coin to play, but only two creatures that cost 6 coins.

Step Three: Choose resource cards. In a standard 40-card deck, you'll want to have 10 resources in your deck.