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    Default Brost's chugawug deck

    Hey guys, i'll try take a break from tcg and try create a new deck and more stuff, so i heard a few would like for me to post my decks well, the time has come and every week will be posting a new different deck of mine and revealing how or for what i use it

    Creatures (17)
    Soaring Eagle *2
    Chugawug Spearman *2
    Gorg *2
    Snorg *2
    Chugawug Bodyguard *2
    Tanglewood Soldier *2
    Chugawug Tower Captain *2
    Snowhill Defender *1
    Chugawug Captain *2

    Hero (2)
    Jamie Swiftsong *2

    Tricks (13)
    Judo Chop *2
    Someone your own Size *2
    Dark Deal *2
    Sprint *2
    Shadow Army *2
    Pie In the Face *2
    Return To Sender *1

    Resources ( 8 )
    Alive Again *2
    Move Along *2
    Sacred Spatula *2
    Silversnow's fruitcake *2

    40 Cards Average Flips 2.6
    0-1 gem 23%
    2 Gems 15 %
    3 Gems 33%
    4 gems 30%

    Red gems chances 35%
    Double red gems Chances 45%

    Yellow gems chances 73%

    Chugawug deck is more like a "Stay Alive" deck since the objective is to stay alive and let your opponent run out of cards and keep attacting while you either make them attack or you just hunt
    Use against: Order Deck,Chaos Deck

    So, there is a chance you probadly will get cost 2 creatures along with move along, would recomen play either snorg or gorg or any low 1 creatures if it is possible and hunt.

    Spatula works for chugawug spearman in case you are battling a order deck you mgiht zap it and will help you ready the spearman.

    If you know it might be a order deck stun it might helpful zap the spatula in case your opponent is stunning your creatures

    Chugawug tower captain helps to destroy any of your opponent's creatures which is helpful knowing you cant attack with any other chugawug but you can still destroy it; plus good chance of destroying creatues collecting 5 cards

    Dark Deals Works for to stop your opponent from using their power up or abilitys which you mgiht use defense tricks to destroy them.

    Move Along works great to play cost to creatures or play Chugawug Captain by turn 5 if dont wanna chase other chugawug but you got cost 2 creaturs in your hand

    Combo of the week

    Old creaky+ Arci Joan+ Baron Van Darkcheat
    Required cards (Alt for better work) Thorn, A little help

    probadly would be great for order or nature deck

    With All those 3 creatures in play you can use Old creaky ability to put a card on top of your dek and attack your opponent with Arci
    and use Baron's ability because probadly this would be btwn turn 5-7 i am guessing Arci Joan stats 10-12 so your would probadly score 4 cards, will work great if you have thorn to score one more if the turn is 5.

    Alt: it also works on stacker creatures preferible with a high defense and attrack such as Hungry Crawler which can save himself in case the strategie fails and he can try again next turn with Penguin Training Institute

    Complicated Combo but it works

    Note: The Deck's strategies will change depending on the opponent's strategies such as stun,hunt,attack,etc...
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    Default Re: Brost's chugawug deck

    Wow, thank you for sharing this!
    I love the generosity of some of you top players
    I cant wait to try this out
    "I'll get you my pretties!"

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    Default Re: Brost's chugawug deck

    Thanks much for sharing this deck. I'll try this out.
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