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Title: * Any TCG Bloopers? *

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    Default * Any TCG Bloopers? *

    A common blooper/mistake I've done repeatedly was adding the wrong card to my inventory during the set phase. In this situation, I didn't have any resource to add in the inventory. While deciding which card to add in the inventory, I was also thinking ahead about my strategy. Then, I mistakenly added an important card (assuming I already had added a card in the inventory, which I didn't, lol) instead of adding a relatively useless one. I hate when I do that, lol. Then, I briskly facepalmed my forehead, imitating Homer Simpson's voice, "D'oh!... Nuts!!

    Perhaps, you have some TCG bloopers you want to share... Lol.
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    Default Re: * Any TCG Bloopers? *

    Randomness comment about TCG--

    In the TCG tournaments, I could not find the "play button" yet again.. I still cant. ^0^
    Guess what? Yup. I'm back.

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    Default Re: * Any TCG Bloopers? *

    When I was newer to the game, I thought the list of people in the trading lobby was a list of people who wanted to battle. So I put everyone on ignore. And then was confused why I wasn't getting any trading requests.
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