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    Icon6 Some sweet Ideas!

    Ok, so I also play this game called Moviestar planet...... they have this thing where, well, they actauly have dreses! No, not SC dresses, dresses Members can buy in the coinshop! I think Free realms should Totally Make dresses! Girls are getting tired of just wearing skirts and a top to make it look like a dress! WE WANT MORE! Please support this thread if you want dresses on Free Realms too! Get the moderators or someone who works for FR to see this.... maybe soon Dresses will become avalible! EEP! I hope this works! ~ Tori
    Tori Frost

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    Default Re: Some sweet Ideas!

    I agree the only dress i know of is in the SC shop and have to be a V.I.P member

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    Default Re: Some sweet Ideas!

    Adding dresses would be nice. I cannot always pay for SC.
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