Hey there! Heres some ideas i thought of and want to share with you!

-To be able to add people as best friends. Since i have alot of people on my list and dont want to delete all of them it would be easy to add people as them

- To be able to create your own hair style. Like choose ponytail, curlys, etc. And you can choose the length and have bows and stuff.
- For hair, to be able to put streaks or highlights in it. I think would be cool or to have any color hair you want...

- I think ( in my opinion) it would be cool to be able to have a job. Like for example, to be able to work at Diggy's ( in SeaSide). You would be able to give people food and eat it ( more about it in next idea!) And get paid

- I would like to be able to do emotes to be able to eat food, sit in chairs and couches, to be able to order food and eat it.

- Some ride ideas of mine are car, griffin or dragon that can fly in the air, motorcycle and wild animals like elephant, lion etc.

Those are my ideas! Hope you like them! (: