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Title: Shape-shifing Orb

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    Icon3 Shape-shifing Orb

    I know this forum is for the FRI website, but i would like to just get out my idea before i explode. There should be a shape-shifting orb, Like in the SC shop or something, worth about 500 SC. (450 Member) When it is equipped, It would be in the Misc section on your character equipment thing. There would be a message to pop up and say, "You are about to change your form. What would you like to be?" and it would have three options:

    1) Change What i look like
    2) Change into an animal
    3) Become a Pixie/Human (Depending on what you currently are)

    In change what i look like, It would be like the character creation thing when you first sign up and create a character. In change into an animal, You would be given a list of animals. Ex: Tiger, Chicken, Penguin, Snow Wolf, Golem Ect. In becoming a Pixie/Human, you would change types depending on what you were currently. Ex: If I was a human, I would become a pixie, and I would have the same hair, Facial Features, and clothes on.

    Note: The Changes would NOT be permanent, Only last for an hour or so.

    So, Please Let me know what you think. I Hope it is a very good idea!
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    Default Re: Shape-shifing Orb

    Wow. That's a really great idea! But I think it would go into the "Costumes" section or something. And this would really replace all those things you get from holiday quests or other places, like the eggnog from the Christmas quests. I dunno how the designers would make it, but you should consider sending in a ticket suggesting it and see whether or not they decide to accept it

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