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Title: Ninja upgrade

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    Default Ninja upgrade

    So I have an idea to upgrade the ninja once you reach maxed on ninja you get to have a battle quest line to gain stuff to become the ninja king or queen image one is of a dragon head shoulder guard comes in all colors including gold also remove the design from inside of the mouth and have the eyes studded with gems like rubysidea1.pngimage 2 is of another shoulder guard you could earnidea2.jpg image 3 is of the ninja outfit you can have it in any color from white to black idea3.jpg image 4 is of the hood of the outfitidea4.png image 5 is of The hands for the ninja gearninja arm.jpg Image 6 is of 4 swords unlockable imagesCAJ2JH2L.jpg Image 7 is another sword you can use as king/queen of the ninjas sword.jpg same style boots as the ones for the maxed ninja we already have. Please comment and spread the idea and help me try to get it to go into the game
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    Default Re: Ninja upgrade

    That is a really interesting idea! I think they should do this but not only for ninja, it should be optional for other jobs like wizard and archer. They shouldn't make it optional for all jobs though like the fisher and derby driver jobs.

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