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    Default New Clothing for girls :)

    Hello everyone

    I was thinking that t-shirts is so worn out, u know what i mean, right? So, I just wish that free realms would design new kinds of clothing for girls (not t-shirts of course) . I met lot of girls in free realms and lots of them thought the same thing..It would be awesome if they design some pretty clothing and appropriate for those girls...Who's with me?? i hope one day this will come true.
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    Default Re: New Clothing for girls :)

    I understand what you mean.
    Yeah, the same designs have been around for 4 years now. Kind of wish they came up with something new for each gender.

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    Default Re: New Clothing for girls :)

    I agree. There's nothing I want more IG than a peasant skirt.
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    Default Re: New Clothing for girls :)

    Agree, they have like old stuff and whenever im wearing something the same as another girl they say "Oh look Süni copied me" and im like I dont even know you -.-
    Thanks for the memories!

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