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    Icon3 New Chest ideas for the third chest

    Ive been thinking these chests reward items are really awesome but ive came up with a good idea for the 3rd chest set you know the future bikes you can unlock from house partys well its like that but you can make those bikes in all typs of colors we all know BLACK is the Favored color by many so i was thinking make the black bikes more rarer to get than the Rain bow colors and the theme can be Future bikes and then more chest items in it can be like Bike House decoreations like a bike banner Any ways i hope some one reads this
    this my first time doing this and i just signed up so i hope u liked it!!!
    As always!!!!
    love Super <3

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    Default Re: New Chest ideas for the third chest

    In addition to the future bikes as a potential mystery chest series 3 reward, I hope $OE would also consider a convertible sports car as a mystery chest reward (series 2 mystery chest rewards include 2 rides: a robotic chicken and a UFO ride). If $OE provided the bulky Glaciator 5000 (aka Zamboni ride), I don't think there's a problem rewarding a sleek sports car, lol. I also hope the sports car comes with a radio playing "Born to be Wild" song, lol.

    BTW, welcome to FRI site!

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