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Title: My New Suggestion

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    Default My New Suggestion

    Hi! I have a little suggestion for Free Realms Team or Sony. Anyways, with the 'Snail' Or 'Cragara', I find that lots of people are mad because it's paid with Station Cash. Maybe switch it to coins? It'd be easier for everyone... I know it's probably making you more money with SC, but lots of people are angry and have to ask and beg parents, (if they have to ask parents) for some SC. Hope you might make the change next time :)
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    Default Re: My New Suggestion

    Good idea, but this is SOE they may change a few to coins or even add some to coins.

    But this is FR.

    FR Is not in anyway bad, but usually everything is SC few may be added but it's a huge doubt because well it's FR.

    Which really isn't as free as the name put it's out to be but free enough to be called FR.

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    Default Re: My New Suggestion

    Or you could have both. SOE still has to be able to make a profit in order to keep the game going.
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    Default Re: My New Suggestion

    If they do this it would have to be with new items because everything they offer is from the SC shop. It would be hard to say what an item would be worth in coins to be proportional to its value in SC. Players have deemed 1k SC = 1 million coins but $OE probably wouldnt agree with this conversion since they already offer coins to be bought with SC which is something like 500 SC for like 7500 coins, a player's standard would say 500 SC would be worth 500k coins. They could possibly add new items in the future to be completely offered in coins but then again it would probably just appear in the coin shop then so I dont know what players hope to gain from that.

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