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Title: Leveling up

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    Icon7 Leveling up

    Hey guys Most people are wondering How can i lvl up faster?????
    Well if your one of those people wondering i can tell you How to lvl up fast From lvl 13 to lvl 20 in FR First u will need A friend thats useing lvl 20 brawler then u will need to play the mini game Haunted Mines DDD and then thats it You got it Hope this Helped as always Love Super DuPPppppper!

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    Default Re: Leveling up

    Thx for the tips ^_^

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    Default Re: Leveling up

    Arachnaia's Lair is also a good battle to level from, it's low level and it gives like the most stars in the game. (stars=level up basically)
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    Default Re: Leveling up

    You should probably move this to General Discussion, Rules and Suggestions is for Insider rules and suggestions for Insiders as well. Great Guide by the way! ^.^
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