This is just my opinion, but I would like to see more jobs...

I would recommend not a combat job, something not close to the others, a job that did something with the water like
Scuba Diving where you would dive under water (Seaside, Lakeshore, Blackspore, or any other lake or river) and scavenge ship wrecks and find treasures while hunting/ avoiding dangers like sharks, eels, piranhas, and any other dangers that could occur under water.

Pirate's Plunder
could become a job that you could roam the seas (Seaside or Blackspore) finding treasure or other ships. You could get into fights and blast your enemies away with a more in detail battle. When you destroy your enemies masts you could either send them to Davy Jones' Locker or board them and fight their captain and crew (Captain being a computer or another player) if you win you would steal extra goods. The pirate class would be a combat class with more to it than just fighting. As you become a higher level pirate you can buy better ships and crew members for that extra edge!

Surfing could be a job, controlling you character on the waves doing tricks and jumps off the waves, this would be more of a mini-game than an actual class.

Farmer should be a class with levels instead of just a farm level. But I would like more than just planting and harvesting. Like feeding animals, herding cattle, and collecting eggs and meat from your animals.

Something else I thought would be neat is if there were
better combat classes that would have to be unlocked or upgraded to. For example when you became a level 20 Ninja you unlocked the Samurai class (which would be based on power and defense instead of speed), and when you became a level 20 warrior you unlocked the Knight class (which would be even stronger than the Warrior that specialized in more weapon types). When you get to level 20 as the Brawler the Hero class got unlocked (Which would specialize in speed and strength together). I think that would put an interesting twist in the game. Both classes would be better than the originals, for example a level 1 Samurai could be as good as a level 5 ninja if not better in different ways. (I would really like this)

I just want to say, if you actually read this, thank you and please reply your thoughts.