Here my ideas:
1. Mystery Chest keys shouldn't be SC they should be earned through a quest line like have a chest and you get everything in the chest when you open it so you only need the key once but make it a diffucult quest line on that takes work.
2. Raise the starting sc price!!!!! Newbs can barely buy an sc rug now!!!
3. An owl ride (it would be so cool and WISE to ride on an owl) But not an sc ride like the skeleton T-Rex is frre to member who get all sunstone coins... Make a sky world. Where everything is in the clouds but make it an owl theme such as the "creatures" you battle are Owr Prey like a Giant Rat....Make the merchants very wise looking...... but most importantly make everything MYSTERIOUS
Owls are wise and mysterious plus they can fly so clouds... wiseness.... mysterious it would be so COOL and make an owl ride that you earn when you get the exploration coins
4. Pet Treasures put rares in the pet treasures (make these rares like vaultberry stuff and tcg or farming goods) make pet treasure rares.
6. A new mystery chest idea: Animal Lover
Please consider these ideas THANKS XD