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Title: House Ideas!

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    Default House Ideas!

    These are the Ideas that would effect Housing. (Please read and tell me your ideas too)

    Like I said before I would like Capture the Flag. The flags could be sold in sets with stands (for where the flags begin/respawn) and score areas (where the flags are meant to go to, when they were brought there the person/team who brought it there would get a point). They could be different colors (Example Red and Blue) for teams.

    There could be letters and/or numbers so that you could spell out your name or guild to get some recognition. I understand this could be a problem because there will always be inappropriate people out there.

    Switches would be neat and would add a twist to houses. In and around your house you could have switches hidden or not that when activated would open a door, turn on an elevator or teleporter, turn on a boombox, or do what ever else that Free Realms will let it do. These doors or elevators would not be able to be opened or activated in any other way.

    Lastly, I would like to see something like a "Donation Box" where anybody who wanted to could deposit money or items into the box. The only person that would be able to withdraw the items in it would be the house owner. This would help anybody who is poor to build or buy items for their house. For example I have a giant maze in my yard (Your welcome to try and pass through it if you can at Awesome Amazing Tower, by Jake Silverforce) and every time I add something new in my friends want to see it and there always nagging me to add more to it quickly. This would help me get more done faster. It would be entirely up to your friends or whoever whether they wanted to help you out or not.

    These are all of my ideas for now...
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    Default Re: House Ideas!

    I like all of these ideas! I would also like to see games of some sort. I think CTF or keep away would be the easiest to insert into Free Realms, but thats just me! My favorite idea is said "donation box" it would be a pretty awesome addition to housing.

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