Hey everyone - If you have a neat idea for SOE & Free Realms, and want to discuss it with other players... this is the right place! Post ideas for improvements, new features, and other suggestions related to FREE REALMS.

Please keep this in mind:

1. Please make your title clear for everyone to understand your suggestion: "Wanted! A cool snowman themed dungeon" would be a great example.

2. Duplicates are not encouraged. If you see an idea similar to yours, share your thoughts on that thread instead.

3. Please be polite - Do not threaten, rant, or vent against the employees of SOE. They deserve some respect. Please do not call an idea stupid or bad.

4. Petitions are not allowed, here or anywhere else on FRI. A petition is a request for changes or improvements that are "signed" by other players (or supports) in the thread. Petitions are not accepted by SOE, and are not allowed on FRI for this reason.

5. No Hot-linking images.

6. Please follow all other FRI Rules.