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Title: Easter Event!

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    Default Easter Event!

    For quite a while now I have been wondering if we maybe could have an EASTER event! You know, with easter related quests and stuff like that. We have christmas events, so why not EASTER It could happen about 1 week before easter and have stuff put into the sc store and stuff.

    Just an idea
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    Default Re: Easter Event!

    Well the Christmas event is an undefined holiday event and is just called Snow Days to avoid religous conflict. That is probably why there currently isnt an Easter event as not everyone celebrates that holiday including myself.

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    Default Re: Easter Event!

    Yes, Zyon is correct. An Easter event would be very controversial.

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    Default Re: Easter Event!

    Warcraft has an Easter-related event, so does Disney's Pixie Hollow. So why not Free Realms? It could be a Spring Fling event, where you look for colored eggs and search for a little girl's lost bunnies. There could be a giant bunny costume. It doesn't have to be religious at all. Who doesn't like cute wittle bunnies and chicks?
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    Default Re: Easter Event!

    It'd be cool.

    Running around,trying to get eggs and such.

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