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    Default Coin shop ideas!

    Hello everyone, I have some ideas that I want to submit, Just thought I'd tell you guys . I Picked out a price for everything, that i thought would be a good price for it .

    I will update this thread every other saturday!


    Water blocks
    Spoiler: show
    Tired of using blue flat blocks to make it look like water? why not water blocks, They come in all shapes and colors! 35c (Member discount is 5 coins)

    Spoiler: show
    Instead of using blocks to make it look like a real tree why not use REAL tree?
    1000c (member discount 100 coins)

    Open windows
    Spoiler: show
    Want some fresh air inside your house? buy open windows! *Click on them to open and shut* 740c (member disount 20 coins)

    cabinet doors
    Spoiler: show
    want to store food away? now you can! with cabinet doors *click on them to open and shut*

    Spoiler: show
    10c (member discount 2c)

    Spoiler: show
    Want to see what time it is? buy a clock! 500c (Member discount is 20c)

    Pet dishes
    Spoiler: show
    Need a dish for your pet? buy one now! *MEMBERS ONLY!* 60c

    Bean bag chair
    Spoiler: show
    190c (member discount 10c)

    I hope some day some nice millionaire will buy FreeRealms copyright...

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    Default Re: Coin shop ideas!

    We really need more coins shop items...
    Yes, SOE, it wouldn't kill you if you added some items to the CS for once.

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