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    Icon4 Bring the skills back

    Alright, I know I'm not the only person who has devoted 3 years+ to this game and worked very hard for the skills back in the day.

    I honestly think it would improve this game by a significant amount if you would bring back the old combat style. This being the select target and attack one at a time with certain multi-target skills, of course.

    I noticed that you still attain skills from leveling, but you can't use them. The skill window is still in existence as well. Why have these skills and the window, when you can't use them?

    Combat was more challenging and much more fun back in 2009.

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    Default Re: Bring the skills back

    I agree with you and all abotthe combat fighting style they should bring that back I do miss it very much so ):

    Ps: Welcome to FreeRealms!
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