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    Icon2 The Winterwear Freestyle Clothing Collection (male)

    Today I just recently finished getting all the guys Winterwear clothes from those Crafty Robgoblins up in Snowhill from the Snow Days holiday event.

    so, Without further ado, I present to you the Winterwear Freestyle Clothing Collection for guys!

    Rugged Winterwear Outfit

    Subartic Winterwear Outfit

    Thermal Winterwear Outfit

    now, If you want some parts of either male/female Winterwear clothing, go check out my Bigs Stuffs Lists with some of my extras (Nymo's Bigs Stuffs Lists: Clothing & Armor (CLOSED)), and I should add to it with the additional things I got!

    And if you need a breakdown of what you can get from the Crafty Robgoblin battle, check out this handy dandy entry on FR.Zam.Com!

    Thanks for checking out, and hope you enjoyed!
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    Default Re: The Winterwear Freestyle Clothing Collection (male)

    Oh wow, these clothes look amazing. I love the Rugged Winterwear jacket and the Subartic Winterwear hat - they have such great detailing. Do you know if ladies can get anything similar?

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    Default Re: The Winterwear Freestyle Clothing Collection (male)

    Yes. Girls can get the winter clothes from the Snow Days questline. and even after that, you can fight Crafty Robgoblins near the Snowhill entrance. The clothing rewards depend on the job you use to finish the battle.
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    Default Re: The Winterwear Freestyle Clothing Collection (male)

    I dont have subarctic gloves and chest piece besides that i have all

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    Default Re: The Winterwear Freestyle Clothing Collection (male)

    Here is a thread I did a little bit ago that may help, also. I am afraid that they may be going to whoosh the Snowdays events out of Free Realms this week so hopefully everyone will be able to complete their collections. Wonderful photos, Nymo. I was wondering what the sets looked like on the guys. (Members Only Snowdays Clothing from Hobgoblins)

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