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    Icon1 My style and my cloths wish list (SOMEONE TRADE WITH ME! lol)

    When ever you see me on FR i am wearing a panda mask, flannel shirt, gloves, memorial caverns pants, conductor wand, red hightops, and sometimes seekers back pack. I think NO one else has this style and i have here by named it the Jason Foxsurf look. Anyway The thing i see the MOST (not counting cloths you can buy in market place or start off with) and the cloths MOST people want are punk pants, skater shorts, flannel, back packs, gloves, etc. And its the rareness and coolness of these cloths tht makes them 'the main style' of free realms. What i hate is all of the 'cool' and 'rare' cloths usually is not trade able! So then i spend hours researching how to get thim and hours trying to get them and i end up empty handed!
    So here is my wish list incase anyone is interested in trade (btw the reason its here is cause i cant post on the free market for some reason)-
    Red= Correct name
    Blue= I think its the correct name
    Green= Idk the name :/
    Yellow= only wrote this cause i have a whole other page on it
    ONE LAST THING! Name the price you want, or the item you want
    Punk Pants (this red skinny jean looking pants)
    No love teeshirt (this shirt with a broken heart on it)
    Purple flannel or plaid (looks like checkers)
    Costumes- (read my costume thing on holiday forum)
    BlackSpore Gloves- (Black Gloves)
    Skater Shorts- (idk how to describe them)
    Rocker Shoes- (they look alot like vans)
    Beenie cap- (grey and looks like a beenie, and like a skater would wear one)
    Yellow stripped shirt- (Yellow and stripped)
    -Jason Foxsurf
    YO i am Jason Foxsurf, i love free realms, want punk pants ---->

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    Default Re: My style and my cloths wish list (SOMEONE TRADE WITH ME! lol)

    ... Hmm I want punker pants too,,, but i am waiting till i am a member nice list btw ... Cool

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    Default Re: My style and my cloths wish list (SOMEONE TRADE WITH ME! lol)

    think this should go in the free market section cuz you buyin stuff
    I quit...

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    Default Re: My style and my cloths wish list (SOMEONE TRADE WITH ME! lol)

    wow thats a nice style
    First guild on ps3 Freerealms

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