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Title: My Idea?

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    Default My Idea?

    Don't you think it would be awesome if the game had accessories, like earrings, added to Free Realms?

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    Default Re: My Idea?

    Yes, It would be very cool. I don't know about anyone else, but I want to be able to have streaks in our hair and tats..

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    Default Re: My Idea?

    Yeah,Accessories would be nice,I'd like rainbow socks. x]

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    Default Re: My Idea?

    Well yeah i'd like accessories to be added x]
    ^^ and rainbow socks! I love those lol! on another game I play, I have a whole rainbow set with the socks, bikini, hat, and gloves :3

    I want piercings to be added. and streaks in the hair.. <3

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    Default Re: My Idea?

    Accessories sound like a really cool idea. I would want Free Realms to add bracelets/anklets or necklaces (besides the seashell necklaces) Necklaces like the kind that come with cardigans. Or rings.

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    Default Re: My Idea?

    I love that idea! The idea of streaks is awesome! I also love the idea of necklaces.

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