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    Icon6 Jessica's Guide to Success! (Dress for Success ^_^)

    So you're trying to keep up what's in fashion and what's not... You're trying to look cool in front of random people. Here's my guide to do just that xD:

    Loose Skinny Jeans:
    Everyone wants loose skinnys. You have them too and you want to look good when you wear them. Here's what you can do:

    1. It's always cute if you wear skinnys with the matching color of tight sneakers.
    2. There's always hightops.
    3. If you have black skinnys, a suggestion is to wear it with different color tight sneakers. Which will match a striped tank top. (Guys if you have a flannel, plaid, or polo.)
    4. Shouldered Midriffs will go great with this.
    5. Same color outfit like yellow cardy, skinnys, and shoes is a perfect combination. (doesn't have to be a cardy...)

    Blouse Vests:

    1. I wear mine with stitched capris and hightops...also with chatdy backpack..
    2. Top it off with a hat or sunglasses, goth goggles, etc.
    3. Wear it with skinnys or a layered skirt or shorts. (perfect with seaside ones)
    4. Tight sneakers, strapped shoes, goth boots, or hightops is a good way to walk around with.


    1. Gloves can with anything... especially black ones.

    Card Duelist Utility Belt:
    I don't have one but I see a lot of people using them. Here's what I see:

    1. Wear shirts that are over sized(which is female). Like Wolf, alien,striped,or robgoblin shirts.
    2. Any kind of T-shirt with punk pants.
    3. A shouldered midriff with skinnys.

    Goth boots:
    I wear these almost all the time. Here's some styles I LOVE it with (:

    1. Wearing a memorial caverns midriff and snowhill midriff over ayani shorts w/goth boots.
    2. Seekers midriff over seaside shorts or stitched capris w/goth boots.
    3. Goth pants, jacket, gloves, and goggles, and goth boots.
    4. Punk pants, shouldered midriff with car duelist belt w/goth boot
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