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    Default how to get tickets now

    how can you get tickets cause i want to talk to some referees about my friend some one con him for his jonin plz help

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    Default Re: how to get tickets now


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    Default Re: how to get tickets now

    To send a ticket, go to and hit the big green "Ask For Help" button. From there type in the subject of your problem, then add details, etc., select the options, and hit send and wait for a reply. Check your account's email to see when they reply.

    There will be two emails:
    One that says that they received your question (you'll get it first), then one that shows that they answered. Scroll down in the email and you'll see their response, or go back to the Customer Service/Help section of the website (under the big Help section on the FR home page) and hit "My Support History" and click on your question and you can read it.

    Hope that helps and hope that they catch the guy.
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    Default Re: how to get tickets now

    You just click the ? mark and start typeing or do other guys port thats about the same as mine.
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    Default Re: how to get tickets now

    thought you meant getting tickets for the vault.. you need to SEND a ticket to talk to a ref.. simply click cosutmer service in your profile page..then select ask for help icon... itll take you to a page where youll write your comments/concerns...good luck!

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    Default Re: how to get tickets now

    You can also just click the '?' Question Mark Icon while you're in game and when the help screen opens,
    Click the 'Ask For Help' button and fill out a ticket there.

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