As you should know by now, the Wheels drop many items, including clothing. They come from two locations:
Clothing Slot-Prize Wheel: This drops a variety of clothing, and follows the gender rules.
Robgoblin-Coin Wheel: These drops are more random, plus I've received items from the other gender.

So, without further ado, let's get started(both genders, boys, girls)!

  • Astronaut suit-Sapphire
  • Dark Shouldered Midriff-Blossom
  • (Long) Layered Skirt-Woodland/Jungle(I call these 'Nettleseed Skirts')
  • Hoodie-Woodland/Jungle
  • Flared Pants-Ameythst

Any help is appreciated! Please post a pic if you get something I don't have.

EDIT: Wow, I did not mean to leave the title unfinished.