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Title: Girl's Farming Chest Rewards

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    Default Girl's Farming Chest Rewards

    You know when you dig up rocks or take out weeds? You usually get coins, but if your lucky you can get a chest!
    Inside the chest is clothing items for your freestyle job (adventurer) and card duelist. You get a random item in a random color, the colors are mainly sc and coinshop colors.
    Here is a list of the
    Girls clothing rewards:
    -Outback Hat (girls only)
    -Bee Antennae (both genders)
    -Astro Helmet
    (both genders)
    -Jester Hat (both genders)
    -Designer Gloves (girls only)
    -Poofy Blouse Vest (girls only)
    -Riding Pants (girls only)
    -Dobo Dankins' Sick Kicks (both genders)
    -Gold-Buckled Knee-High Boots (girls only)
    Hope this helps! [:

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    Default Re: Girl's Farming Chest Rewards

    Or... I don't know... Adventurer - FreeRealms Wiki

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