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    Default Fashion show discrimination?

    Hi. I don't know if this is the right section, but I have to say that I feel like too many in-game fashion show hosts tend to lean towards the person with the most exotic items, not necessarily accuracy of category. Once I was in one, and the category was 'school girl', and the award went outfit that made absolutely no sense. They kept going, and it was pretty clear I was going to be the odd one out, just because I was newer to the game and didn't have all the cool stuff I have now. The others had all manners of SC and holiday gear. Does anyone else feel discrimination during this?
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    Default Re: Fashion show discrimination?

    well naturally the one with more clothes has more options to use when in something like that. And if your opinion about an outfit is that it makes no sense, that doesn't mean it doesn't make sense for someone else. Make sure the judges are people u know that are fair otherwise there's no point in being in such an event.
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    Default Re: Fashion show discrimination?

    yeah, an astronaut suit in a school outfit theme, no

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    Default Re: Fashion show discrimination?

    i've posted some stupid threads in my time,

    sorry but this one is pretty stupid

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    Default Re: Fashion show discrimination?

    Not necessarily! Gotta have the right judge!(:
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