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    Default Desperate for cardigan or Sweater blouse

    Hi ppl I REALLY REALLY want a cardigan sweater or sweater blouse...I got hacked by some random girl and she took mine and my money Im really pooped So if anyone is kind enought to give meh their extras I will be very VERY happy from this... To this........ Yeah so anyways I will give something Im just broke and very mad at free realms for letting that hacker get away with that. If your really kind and nice enough to give meh extras you dont want I CROSS MY HEART I WILL DO SOMETHING GREAT FOR YOU...I would work for you like a maid cuz Im that desperate Thannks ppl who see this and help me...My IGN is Candace Lavastone and youtube acc. Name is Purplemonster79 if you wanna message meh on there. THANK YOU ANYONE SO MUCH THAT HELPS MEH OUT ****I WILL REPAY YOU SOMEHOW I PROMISE*****

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    Default Re: Desperate for cardigan or Sweater blouse

    What would u give for Dark brown cardy or orange sweater?

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