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    Default Clothing and Weapons - I'm Trading (Bella's Shop)

    Here is a list of clothing (all jobs), weapons (all jobs), accessories, collections, etc. that I am looking to trade for coins and/or SC. I will price my items reasonable depending on how hard it was for me to get each item. The harder the item the more it will cost. I have around 2 or more of each item and I really have no use for them, thus why I'm posting this so another player who would like what item I have can obtain it instead.

    ‚Äč~Please note that not all of the items are on here, just the ones I could think of off the top of my head. I will periodically update this list since it's almost 3 a.m. and I am tired; this being said, not all job clothing/weapons, collections, and accessories that I'm wanting to sell are on here: yet. lol thank you for understanding :)~


    • Head

    Treeble Cut-Out Mask

    • Chest

    -Striped T-Shirt (Green)

    • Legs

    -Small Stitched Pants (Black)

    • Feet

    -Striped Shoes (Light Blue)

    • Weapon

    -Calico Catfish (Freestyle Jobs)


    • Head

    Hen Feather Archer Cap (Pink)
    -Hen Feather Archer Cap (Light Blue) x4

    • Hands

    -Point Blank Archer Gloves (Red and Tan) [Required: Level 4]
    -Hen Feather Archer Gloves (Dark Blue) x2

    • Chest

    -Point Blank Archer Tunic (Red) x2 [Required: Level 4]
    -Hen Feather Archer Tunic (Brown)

    • Legs

    -Hen Feather Archer Leggings (Pink)

    • Feet

    -Roving Archer Boots (Teal) [Required: Membership, Level 6]
    -Hen Feather Archer Boots (Light Red)

    • Misc.

    -Hen Feather Archer Quiver (Gray) x2
    -Hen Feather Archer Quiver (Purple)
    -Hen Feather Archer Quiver (White)

    • Weapon

    -Archer's Horse Bow of Volleys [Required: Level 4]
    Attack Stats:
    1-Deals 488 damage
    2-Deals 885 damage
    -Archer's Bow of Blizzards x5
    Attack Stats:
    1-Deals 254 damage and sometimes freezes opponents
    2-Deals 640 damage and freezes opponents

    • Jewlery

    -Archer's Necklace of Bark Skin I x2

    Effects: Increases damage reduction by 2
    -Archer's Ring of Energy I x2

    Effects: Increases energy by 10 in combat

    • Power Shards

    -Archer's Power Shard of Regeneration I x5
    Effects: Increases health regen by 23
    -Archer's Power Shard of Vitality I

    Effects: Increases health by 76 in combat

    *To be edited with more items later*

    ~Bella Shadowbolt (One of the first 100 players of the game)~
    *old account was Bella Shadowbolt1*

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    Default Re: Clothing and Weapons - I'm Trading (Bella's Shop)

    Hey Bella,
    I think you might want to post this thread in The Free Market section!
    What is this? A community of depression?

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    Default Re: Clothing and Weapons - I'm Trading (Bella's Shop)

    And please remember to put prices on items

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