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    Icon1 Chattyology: 80's Throwback (Boys)

    Hey Guys its me Random Barbi I made up my mind that i would start a mini blog on FRI called Chattyology. Chattyology was the name of my upcoming blog that was suppose to be on blogspot but i shied away from it , Anyways this is my first article and I hope you enjoy.

    80's Throwback

    Everyone remembers the 80's in some ways mines is neon colors and Miami vice. Girls The next article is coming out in a few hours about the 80's for you but you can still read. Anyways boys im gonna show you how you can make a skater's outfit and many more such as Miami Vice and A boombox boy.

    Ok first we start with Skater Boys: This is my favorite outfit ever! Ok first we will start by doing a Fauxhawk hair style to make the outfit look more "80's-ish" and second you will need a Bomber jacket for example you might get mixed up on colors so i'll help with these examples

    Red Bomber Jacket + Loose Black or Aqua skinnies = Serious Skater
    Yellow Bomber Jacket + Green Loose Skinnies = Popular ( Tip: If u been here on FR for a long time add some geek glasses to it)
    Black Bomber Jacket+ Loose Red or Pink Skinnies: MJ Matalia or Loverboy (Sports shades or stitched gloves with make this outfit POP)
    Blue Bomber + Loose Skinny Jeans Pink = Prince of the 80's ( for you're fauxhawk hair color add juicy appricot if u have pale skin it brings out all the colors)

    Thats the End of skater boys :<)

    Miami Vice:

    Tubbs or Crockett you're pick

    Tubbs: The Ultimate Ladies Man , His style is sophisticated and laid back here is how you create your inner tubbs
    • Ok for guys you'll need a Thrid quarter plaid shirt (Purple) and some blue skinnies (Aqua). For your hair you go with you're normal or Andy hair card and a light brown eye card .

    Crockett: An american hero and the Ultimate fighter and Best policeman of all times. For your inner crockett you will need this
    • You will need a Regan Hair style and a Sandy brown hair card or Juicy Appricot.
    • Next you should have a blue polo shirt with White skinnies. Second you can pick the shoes on yourself.

    Ok last but no least the Boombox Prince Outfit.

    First you should have a mystery chest hoodie . Now Guys AGAIN im gonna give you some color examples

    Blue Hoodie Jacket + Loose Green Skinnies = Lakeshore
    Purple Hoodie Jacket + Loose Orange Skinnies = Briarwood
    Yellow Hoodie Jackt + Purple Skinnies = Pixiewood
    Pink Hoodie + Black skinnies (LOOSE) = Seaside

    Also dudes for the hair you should go with Shaggy , Andy or Fauxhawk hair style card. Ok thats the end you can request a article that u would like me to do. Anyways I hope you like it leave you're review too

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    Default Re: Chattyology: 80's Throwback (Boys)

    Hmm well i think i did good :<)

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