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    Default Buying Baggy Jeans

    Hiya guys

    If you have any Stripped Sweat Pants (girls) that you don't want, are for sale, or have doubles of, I'm buying Sweat Pants... so.... yeah.. If you have any for sale Trade me Name your price and I'll probably be able to match it ^-^
    Here are I few things I have to offer:

    Stitched Capris (Ask to show colours)
    Blouse Vests (Ask to show colours)
    One Shouldered Shirts (Ask to show colours, yes they are rare colours)
    **Ask me IG To see these items or other items I don't have listed**
    Thanks <3
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    I love you Toxicccc Candys (As a really good friend) and I know that you quit, but you will always be in my heart <3

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