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Title: Boat Shoes

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    Default Boat Shoes

    Hey everyone. [: With the recent release of the "Series 3" packs, some cool new items have been brought into the Free Realms world. Precurser Blocks, Plaid Kicks- Boat Shoes. I don't know about you guys, but I was curious as to where these came from.
    So yesterday, [Technically REALLY early this morning xD] after watching the ball drop, I watched the entire marathon of The Honeymooners. It's a pretty old show, and it's black and white, so I'm pretty sure not too many of you watch it. But I like it. [: Anyway, an episode called "The Golfer" was on. I remebered watching it before, but it's been a while.
    One of the main characters, Ed Norton [Art Carney], was teaching Ralph Kramden [Jackie Gleason] to play golf. That's when I noticed Ralph's [the chubby one] shoes:

    [And then look at my boat shoes:
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    Pretty similar, huh? I thought so. [:
    [Too long for a blog]
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    Default Re: Boat Shoes

    Wow O: Lol I think the boat shoes look funny

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