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Title: Black top hat

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    Default Black top hat

    Why is everybody asking me where did i get my black top hat!?It's still in marketplace for god sake!
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    Default Re: Black top hat

    Some blasphemy there sir?

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    Default Re: Black top hat


    True story!

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    Default Re: Black top hat

    Hmm.. Maybe their jealous? Not something to get made over, Lol.

    Things you can do:

    1.) Put them on ignore
    2.) Ignore them [like..not listening lol]
    3.) Tell them to stop
    4.) Just..Put everyone on Free Realms on ignore and be not-bothered, Haha

    Fyi, Jk about #4... There are over 20m people on Free Realms..It would take a lifetime. LOL XD
    Guess what? Yup. I'm back.

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    Default Re: Black top hat

    Perhaps they are new explorers that want to know where you got your awesome hat! Maybe you should tell them where you got it. It would make you and them feel happy.

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