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    Default Yellow Striped Sandals

    There is supposedly a quest in seaside that gives them but can someone tell me who gives the quest. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Yellow Striped Sandals

    hmm, dunno if its still there.. ill google it

    Acaycia was here.

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    Default Re: Yellow Striped Sandals

    I know that Rainchaser in Seaside gives orange strapped flip flops as the second reward in her questline. I'm not sure exactly which quest gives yellow striped flip flops, but I know that the Card Duelest quest "An Old Friend" gives striped flip flops as a reward. They could be the yellow ones, but I'm not sure. I think there might also be a quest that gives sandals as a reward that the end of the Chapter One Royal Questline, but I can't remember what kind they are. It's possible that there's another quest in seaside that gives striped flip flops as a reward that I don't know of. I hope this helps!

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