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Title: White Hair?

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    Default White Hair?

    Okay... so for some reason I logged in today and everyone's character had white hair. I tried to change the color and it just stayed white. I didn't change it to that color... I play FR on a Mac. Can anyone tell me what you think is happening?

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    Default Re: White Hair?

    I'm gonna log on and see if I travel to the future and see everyone old, and ill rescue you and go back to the past which in our time is the present. WISH MEH GOOD LUCK IM IN A MISSON TO RESCUE *scrolls up* AMBERLOVELYHEART
    Thanks for the memories!

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    Default Re: White Hair?

    There might have been a glitch when your game was loading. I would try restarting Free Realms. 8]

    I don't play on a mac, so that's all I can really suggest. If that doesn't work, I would try sending in a ticket.

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