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    Default Where's Raven?

    I go to where the Quest says Raven is and There is a bunch of people there, ( like always on the first day of a new questline ) And Raven's Chest is there while we all wait for her to spawn and then when the Chest Disapears another chest just spawns again like 5 seconds after, and Raven NEVER shows up... Anyone else having this problem...?

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    Default Re: Where's Raven?

    actually, she did. you where just too late to notice her. Heres the thing, she is easy to beat, and, if there are too much people around, they could easily beat her faster than you could at least attack her with one blow. so i suggest you go to a server with lesser people. also do not stand and wait by the chest. raven does not appear in there. she appears first as the queen bee, near the entrance of the groove, she will say something and poof, she will transform into a raven. good luck!

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    Default Re: Where's Raven?

    People are stuck-up hoggish jerks and won't let anyone kill her.

    Try to find the least active server.

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    Default Re: Where's Raven?

    Thoght you were talking about raven from teen titans

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    Default Re: Where's Raven?

    nothing left to say except get an empty server
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    Default Re: Where's Raven?

    Wait for a while and go to a quieter server. Trust me. Though on a different note does anyone know what exact time she appears?

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