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    Default Where is the Scaredy Cake? Halloween 2010

    Hey out there. I noticed quite a few people have that orange and black cake that splats frosting all over you when you drop it on the ground but I don't see it in the SC store. Did they decide not to add it this year? Someone else said it was in the coin shop but I have looked there a ton of times and its not there. Anyone know where it went?

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    Default Re: Where is the Scaredy Cake? Halloween 2010

    Obviously, its hiding. Poor thing, always getting picked at by cake hungry noobs, then consumed with a ravenous hunger. Who wouldn't be scared? If you do find it, tell me, i need a quick bite.
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    Default Re: Where is the Scaredy Cake? Halloween 2010

    It is in the coin shop under food items scrolls and trinkets. It sells for 22,500, but I could be off by a few. I found it while browsing through everything.
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