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    Default Where is Guard Slashi??

    I've looked at the past posts on this quest where you find the slacking guards and at the wiki answer post and still cannot findt this ******. I've been all around Bixie Hive and the farm surrounding Bixie Hive to no avail. I can also see his green dot on my map but he is not there. Where the heck is he?

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    Default Re: Where is Guard Slashi??

    Guard Slashi can be found flying in a circuit next to the fence of the farm that surrounds Bixie Hive. His circuit is a large one that takes him up to the park benches behind Roscoe.
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    Default Re: Where is Guard Slashi??

    at bixie hive

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    Default Re: Where is Guard Slashi??

    same with me i cant find he too.

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    Default Re: Where is Guard Slashi??

    Just search the name of the quest in Google, and click on the one with "ZAM" next to it, that has all the answers and where... even the rewards...
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